That's how it all started

Our beloved dog, a West Highland Terrier, passed the Rainbow Bridge in February, 2016. It was such a big loss that we did not want a dog any more.
But after some time we still missed a dog more and more. We started informing each other about different dog breeding because we wanted to have a dog a bit smaller than our last one.




We read about the Norfolk Terrier but we did not like the kind of ears of that dog breed because we wish a dog with “standing ears”.
At that time we noticed the Norwich Terrier and decided that a Norwich Terrier will become the new member of our family.

We looked for breeders and noticed the kennel”vom Tierfreund” by the Meyer family in Stendal/Germany. We called them immediately.
We were very excited when the day came we would meet each other in Stendal.
They gave us a warm welcome and led us straight to their dogs in the garden at their house. We were very happy to say to all of their dogs hello. There were a complete dogs pack of all ages! They surrounded us immediately to get a lot of cuddles.



We decided to take a puppy of this nice family. We were allowed to choose one of their sweet puppies but it, a male one, was too young to move to a new home and family at that time. He was just 6 weeks old.

We had to wait patiently for him some weeks.


When we arrived with Terry, real name “King vom Tierfreund” ,some times later at our home, he felt actually well and right at our home!
He also get along with cats and started to learn all things around him very fast!
These were exactly and characteristically things what belong to this breed.
Everyone liked and likes him very much and he was lovely included in the whole family.


 When the Meyers had asked for taking part at a dog show, we agreed and went together with them to Leipzig/Germany. He started at the puppy class. We were very happy because he reached a very good result with the note”promising” at this show!
So we went to the next dog shows, too. That´s why we got the idea of breeding this beautiful kind of terriers, too. Unfortunately only a few people know about this great dogs.




The Meyers liked this idea, too, gave us any support and help in setting up a breeding kennel. We took all barriers around and got all permissions that were necessary to start our kennel as breeders.




We also got our first bitch for breeding, Lotte vom Tierfreund. Terry and Lotte got along very well from the start and can not be without the other one anymore.




Terry has already got a breeding permission.
Lotte still has got some time, but she also develops magnificently!







They live and sleep together with us at our home and it is them allowed to stay every where they want.






We like them very much and enjoy every new day with new experiences, fun and joy of them.
Lotte and Terry we love you very much!